Baseball team blows out competition


Photo by Andrew Garcia

Junior Ricky Robinson gets ready to bat against Plainfield East on Tuesday, April 25 in a 13 – 0 win.

Andrew Garcia, Staff Writer

Boys baseball is having a winning season with an 23-6 record so far. They are currently 2nd in the Southwest Prairie conference and ranked 42 in state. The team has won multiple games against very impressive opponents, only losing to teams who are all above 500.
“I am very proud of the team for placing second in the very prestigious WJOL tournament this year,” Rosner said. “We are currently leading the conference and are almost 10 games over 500.”
The major contributing factor to results like that would be the team’s hitting.
“Our offense is very impressive this year, our hitting is spectacular,” senior Teigan Miles said.
Even with all of the recent success, the team’s mind is only occupied on coming home with that regional trophy.
“My expectation for the season is winning a regional,” senior Caleb Coberly said. Oberly is just one of the team’s senior leaders.
“Being a leader to me means, to bring everyone together and to always make sure I am doing what I need to do so that I am setting a good example,” Coberly said.
The team has multiple players that set great examples.
“Being a good leader means to always help those in need. It means to never give up, especially when it seems as if the situation is impossible,” senior Phillip Carlton said. “Because if I always have my head up, it will inspire others to do the same, especially the underclassmen on the team.”
The players all agree there are certain areas they all need to work on to be the most successful they can be.
“We need to improve upon pitching the most,” freshman Sam Bathan said.
“We could see great improvement if we limit all the little errors in our defense. All the free runs and bases we give up are very costly,” Carlton said.
Although the team’s offense has been a key to their success there are still some flaws to it.
“We need to throw strikes a little more consistently and need to throw our breaking balls and our off speeds more,” Rosner said.
According to the team, the majority of the credit to the team’s success belongs to head varsity coach John Rosner.
“I love coaching athletes who want to be disciplined and play the game how it’s meant to be played,” Rosner said.
Coach Rosner has plenty of experience when it comes to the game of baseball.
“I was able to be coached by exceptional coaches throughout all of my highschool and college career,” Rosner said. “I enjoy teaching players the mental parts of the game the most. And most importantly all the small nuances that the casual observer doesn’t necessarily see.”
The seniors who helped pave the way for the program are going on to play college.
“I am going to miss playing with all the people I’ve played with these past four years,” Carlton said. “But I am excited to meet and play with all my new teammates.”
The team feels every memory made will last a lifetime.
“Being around the guys was truly a great experience these past years, I can never thank them enough especially the fun we had on our trips,” Miles said.