Senior pranks could make comeback


Brianna Mosinski, In-depth Editor

As the end of the school year approaches, many seniors look forward to senior pranks; however, It has been decided by the building administration that senior pranks will not be happening anymore.
Many look forward to pulling pranks with friends but in the past they have tended to go too far. Senior pranks should be harmless but they are not.
According to assistant principal Matthew Ambrose, there wasn’t one prank specifically that prompted this decision but more of a cumulation of years worth of pranks.
These pranks did not value the school, students, and staff. They ultimately put the physical safety of others at risk.
Even though senior pranks will not be happening anymore, according to principal Chris Chlebek, he is open to creative ideas that do not put others at risk, cause damage to campus, and cause the staff to spend time and resources cleaning up.
While many seniors may not care that senior pranks aren’t happening, many are not content with the decision, as they were planning on partaking in the pranks.
Even though this decision has been made, it doesn’t mean the pranks have to be gone entirely. We encourage seniors to think of a creative idea that seniors could do that will not create a mess or harm anyone. We don’t feel seniors should try to do a typical prank in spite of the denial because getting in trouble right before graduation is not worth it. Finding a prank that is fun yet harmless may still work for everyone.