Cell phone prices remain expensive for students

Holly Winiars, Staff Writer

Cellular phones have advanced significantly over the past decade, year, and even month. Since the release of the first cell phone in 1973, the industry has boomed and phones have become commonplace amongst teens. They house a multitude of apps, high quality cameras, and text functions for vast appeal to all needs.

Phones, however, also house a multitude of problems for buyers, most notably the vast prices of technology that have only grown steeper with time. Anyone hoping for a phone upgrade must forfeit about 800 dollars in order to buy the newest model, not to mention the different models and storage that feeds in to the cost.

According to an article on smallbusiness.chron.com,  Advances in technology are constantly changing the landscape with the introduction of new products and forced obsolescence of older products.”

The major flaw of technology is just that- the industry is competitive and swift-paced, leaving customers forced to give up their older models and purchase the improved phones, which are pumped out and given the spotlight. 

In addition to the initial price of cell phones, customization options contribute to the hefty bills on phones. 

Cases and screen protectors are offered to decrease the risk of cracks on the screen. Depending on how flashy a case a person desires, the cost of the product can increase by nearly $50.

Pop sockets are also available to allow for a fidget and to easily grip a phone. Similarly to cases, customization can amp up the price of buying a phone. 

Phones also bear a set amount of storage. If the storage space is exceeded, the phone will often buffer and some applications will not run. Buying additional storage is yet another addition to phone prices.

Though prices may prove detrimental, taking good care of a phone and making sure it does not get damaged or dropped can expand its lifespan. By conserving a phone, having to undergo another pricey endeavor can be easily avoided.

The initial and additional costs of cell phones have increased and will likely continue to increase with new advancements in technology. As new customization options become available, it is without a doubt that mobile phones will become about as rigorous a task to buy as something like a house or car.