Concert Ticket Prices Breaking Students’ Banks

Renee Strong, Staff Writer

As good weather approaches, singers and bands are going back on tour. But will anyone even be able to afford a ticket? 

Over the years, prices for everything have been rising. Recently concert tickets have been rising rapidly, to the point where it has become unrealistic. 

It is becoming more and more difficult for people to afford any kind of ticket, including the nose-bleed seats. 

Since 2019, concert tickets prices have increased by 17.8 percent according to Pollstar. Most teenagers and young adults cannot afford to go out and have a good time if they have to take out a loan to attend an event.

Concerts were originally held for people to come together and have a good time listening to music. Not in this day and age.

 To obtain a single ticket people have to spend hours online with glitchy websites that crash causing them to go back to square one. Then when they finally reach the checkout they have to drop a whole paycheck on a single ticket. Buying tickets has become a waste of time and money. 

During the prime of concerts in 1999, tickets averaged roughly $27.25. A student could save up pocket change for a week or two and spend the night listening to their favorite bands. 

It would take a lot of effort to decrease the prices but it can be done. First off, auditoriums can spread out their spending throughout concerts and sports games. Evening out these prices and reaching a good median would be a great start. Then executive producers and stage managers can hire more volunteer dancers looking for exposure. This would decrease the payroll price the bands have to pay. 

Many steps can be taken to decrease the prices, but as a community we can take back concerts and turn them from an expensive stressor back into a good night for all.