Sam’s Club reigns supreme

Holly Winiars, Staff Writer

An abundance of dessert options. Items in bulk. Groceries galore. Sam’s Club offers all of the aforementioned items, plus free samples. Costco, on the other hand, is a claustrophobic box filled to the brim with mediocre pizza, a confusing layout, and an overall sense of disturbance. Due to these reasons, Sam’s Club is the superior wholesale store.

Costco has an almost ominous aura with the addition of bright red in its logo, whereas Sam’s Club beckons customers with a sleek, geometric design. 

In addition, it has a rather bland name. Sam’s Club has a name with a story behind it– it was named after Sam Walton, founder of Walmart. Costco is simply self-explanatory. 

Sam’s Club has fresh and large pizza slices available, and although the prices may not compare, the quality of the pizza begs to differ. Sam’s Club pizza tastes refreshing and cheesy, yet Costco pizza tastes like nothing more than cardboard lathered in cheese. The variance of price goes in accordance to the quality of the pizza.

Costco does, admittedly, have a wider variety of samples that are available on all weekdays rather than simply weekends. However, this is not to say Sam’s Club is devoid of samples, as they do have a different sample set out each day. In fact, a Sam’s Club fish sample helped me discover a love for seafood that otherwise might not have bloomed.

In short, Sam’s Club is essentially a lesser known Costco, a diamond in the rough. In fact, of 79 polled students, various Costco overseers linked their preference to the fact that Costco was closer and thus more accessible. However, Sam’s Club offers a membership at a striking price, nearly 15 dollars cheaper than Costco. The longer travel time can merit a profit in the long shot.

Henceforth, I remain a loyal Sam’s Clubber.