Valentine’s Day not only for couples

Brianna Mosinski, In-Depth Editor

Valentine’s is a holiday many either look forward to (or don’t). Taken or single, Valentine’s is a day everyone can celebrate. Based on a survey of 107 students, percent of students celebrate Valentine’s Day and 19 precent do not.
Though Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide, according to, it is not a public holiday.
“I think Valentine’s Day should be a public holiday because universally everyone should have a day to enjoy someone,” Cesar Arciniega, freshman, said.
Because it is not officially recognized, students have to attend school on that day.
“We should have school off on Valentine’s because in my opinion, it’s a holiday,” Christian Crowder, junior, said. “Couples can celebrate each other or use it as a day to hang out with friends and not worry about an assignment.”
However, society can make it seem as if one needs to be with someone when others prefer to be single.
“Valentine’s Day is generally a nice holiday, but some might feel it’s rubbing it in their face that they don’t have a romantic partner, because of how society makes it seem; almost as if being romantically involved with someone is like the greatest thing you could achieve,” Gwen Ruch, junior, said. “Valentine’s Day should be for anyone who wants to celebrate it, because love isn’t exclusively for people in relationships, you can love your friends.”
Valentine’s can be about spending time with loved ones or going somewhere fun.
“It’s one of the very few days that allow people to show affection openly or share gifts with others,” Terrence Manejero, junior, said.
While many don’t celebrate, the chocolate and the gifts are still available.
“Some people look forward to the chocolate and gifts rather than the holiday itself but not always; some enjoy both,” Crowder said.
According to, 145 million greeting cards are exchanged every year, 8 billion conversation hearts are manufactured, over one billion worth of chocolate is purchased, and 250 million roses are grown just for Valentine’s Day.
“It benefits almost half the population that isn’t single. Other than the general theme of Valentine’s Day, I really like its aesthetic. Pink and red are an unbeatable color combination,” Emma Purdy, junior, said.
Officially recognized or not, celebrating the company of loved ones makes the holiday much more memorable for some people.
“Valentine’s Day is about reminding ourselves who we love most and appreciating them,” Arciniega said.