High school not like movies


Miguel Cambray, Entertainment Editor

  That one image of high school “stereotypes” the goths, jocks, bullies, and nerds. Whether it was from Hollywood or the stories by people older than us, people think there are high school stereotypes.  

  But are there really stereotypes to begin with? I personally believe that there isn’t. I think yes, the people who play sports will hang out with the people who also play sports. The people who are in theater will hang out with people who are also in theater. The reason being is that they spend so much time, and they all share a common interest. I don’t feel that there are stereotypes. I have never met a jock that is a meathead and plays sports. I feel that humans are more complex. With more complex personalities than just what stereotypes display. 

   The only reason stereotypes exist is because the groups are there, but that is just human nature. Football players will hang out with other football players simply because they spend so much time together on the field. They’ll just hang out outside the field too because there is a high chance that they became friends while playing football. Kids who are constantly in AP or Honors will most likely be friends with people who also take those classes simply because it’ll be the same people taking those difficult classes every year. It’s human nature to make friends, and when people have the same interest, they’ll form a group. It’s not a stereotype, it’s just who people are surrounded by. That’s it really, just people who share common interests becoming friends because they got put in the same room because of a similar interest. 

   Now to all the questions such as “cheerleaders are mean” or “nerds are awkward” is complete nonsense. The best I can say is that “you are who you hang with”. It is the realest statement. What people do in high school doesn’t correlate with personality. There are numerous sub-friend groups in everything. Sports, academics, or band. I can go on and on, but the point being is us wildcats are more complex to be labeled as a stereotypical group. Everyone has a story, and every group, sub-friend group, and person is unique.