Marching band places ninth at competition

Miguel Cambray, News Editor

This past Saturday, Oct. 22 the Band went to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to perform their last competition of the season where they placed fourth out of nine schools in their division. There was a total of 22 schools that participated, and they placed ninth overall.
The Green Machine Marching Band has been having an exceptional year in terms of competitions and overall performance. On Oct. 1 the marching band placed second at Romeoville.
“Throughout the season from beginning to end as a group together we spend over 200 hundred hours in practice. We encourage students to put in the time that they are able to individually outside of our group practices. At this point we talk about the group contribution and we talk about the individual contribution,” Chris Vanderwal, marching band director, said.
Students join band for many reasons, but for some there is also an interest in a specific hobby within the family.
“ My mom was in choir for a very long time, and she went to state in high school. My brother was also in the band before me, so I kinda wanted to try it out,” Ethan Gonzales, senior, said.
Having such a big group of people being a part of one body it is important that the band is all on the same page according to Leach Cirar, senior. There are important factors that everyone in the band should acknowledge.
“Definitely working together, making sure everyone knows what they’re doing, and listening. Definitely communication is a big thing.” Cirar, trumpet section leader, said.
With all this time and energy, the band develops activities to keep the overall morale high.
“We do spirit days for all of the band camp the two weeks that we have it,” Mia Bartleman, senior, brass section leader said. “There is a different spirit day, and it’s like a competition between the sections to see who wins, and then there is a big winner. Then this year we introduced doing spirit days on Mondays, which just helps to keep everyone involved.”