Students Reveal Exuberant Travels

Sadie Childs on a school trip to Europe with other classmates

Brianna Mosinski, In-Depth Editor

Travel: One place to another, over time. So simple, yet so meaningful. Traveling allows meeting people of different cultures, distinctive lifestyles diverse traditions.
“Traveling has changed the way I look at things, because the world is so much bigger than myself and so much more beautiful and natural than you could imagine,” Sadie Childs, junior, said.
Exploring a new culture can teach valuable lessons.
“Since my family is from Columbia, we traveled there. My mom, grandma, and I have gone every two summers but are now going every summer. Exploring Columbia has taught me how much I have to be grateful for back home with a big house with food, clean water, electricity, safety, and a good education when I see the struggles my family face in their daily lives,” Stephanie Ferrini, senior, said. “It’s also taught me how beautiful the world is and how there’s much bigger things in life to think of, and to explore.”
Traveling also allows some to see a new world.
“I traveled to Paris, France, to experience a new location,” Hector Herrera, freshman said. “I learned everyone there is always dressed for the occasion, and most people love designer products. Traveling has taught me to stay organized and not to be afraid to ask for help.”
Traveling doesn’t always have to be about the culture, but the locals or the lifestyle.
“I recently traveled to France and Spain with the school. I was in Spanish and got the opportunity to take a trip to France and Spain with the French and Spanish students combined,” Lisa Holtz, junior said. “There are no public restrooms anywhere. In France, the locals were more unfriendly, than the people in Spain.”
Childs feels that travel takes one out of the comfort zone and inspires them to see, taste, and try new things.
“I went to a bull fighting pit, I learned about the foods and culture of these countries, I tried lavender ice cream. I saw the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre and so many more beautiful places,” Childs said.
Traveling can change the way one looks at a situation or just allow one to gain experience.
“Traveling has taught me that there is so much more that I can experience,” Holtz said. “Traveling has changed the way I look at things. I have gained more knowledge on different cultures and different societal norms around the world. I have become more open-minded on trying new things.”
Traveling not only allows one to adapt to a new environment but explore new surroundings and engage with different people.
“I traveled to Spain and France over the summer! I chose these locations because I am very interested in becoming a travel photographer,” Childs said. “It’s my passion to see the world and experience the nature of everything around us. I experienced that life can be more than we expect sometimes, and what we’re looking for isn’t always right in front of us.”
Exploring and engaging allows one to embrace adventures as they come and to share new and meaningful experiences with friends and loved ones, according to Ferrini
“Traveling has been part of who I am and it’s something that has changed me for the best,” Ferrini said. “Every time we go, I always learn something new about my culture such as visiting new places like Popayán or learning new phrases and meanings in Colombia, it’s so beautiful.”
Whether it be a learning vacation or a relaxing one, traveling allows one to experience something great.
“I would want to keep traveling to experience new places and know what it is like to live in such a place,” Herrera said.