Senior pranks should cause no harm

Nicole Jones, Staff Editor

   It’s an average weekday day in April and you’ve rounded the corner with school in sight. Everything seems normal, but the moment you walk closer, you see a couple of trees that had been coated in toilet paper. Once inside, you’re also met with desks laid out randomly in the halls, certain smells going from mildly unpleasant to absolutely foul, and the icing on the cake is the walls that had been egged. 

Today was the senior prank day. Later in the day, word spreads that the prank to egg the walls of the school had been denied by school officials but was done anyways and more news that some library books had been damaged, which lead to these students being prevented from walking at graduation.

 While the fact that senior pranks need to be approved by school officials may seem boring and feel like it takes all the fun out of the fact that it’s a prank, this measure is taken for reasons of security and safety. Many years ago, some students in the senior class had poured oil onto the top of the school stairs as well as the stairs themselves, causing a scenario where a student could fall and get injured or worse, be fatally wounded. 

As senior pranks come up, it’s best to think about what could still shock or give students and staff a good laugh without being dangerous or cause property damage to the school or personal property nearby the school. Personally, I feel some of the best pranks that could be brought up could entail painting on the school windows, moving around desks in classrooms, or even silly string either outside or inside classrooms before students enter the building. All of


these, if used properly and as stated to school officials, can cause no harm and could be easy to clean up by either the prankee or staff.  

In my opinion, senior pranks should be harmless. For any seniors considering to do something dangerous or plan on not telling school officials, they should think twice before putting safety and their graduation in jeopardy.