Music not problematic in cafeteria

Luis Gonzalez, Feature Editor

IMG_0861Students were allowed to listen to their favorite tunes during lunch a few years ago. Yes, you read it right freshman, during lunch, we were able to enjoy the option of listening to music.

Frankly I enjoyed every aspect of it for a few weeks into my sophomore year. Now however, music is banned during lunch because students only have 30 minute lunch periods. Students do not need music to entertain them for a whole hour anymore, according to Matt Ambrose, assistant principal.

However, music is not just entertainment; it can be beneficial in many different ways. First, music can stimulate brain activity. According to a research team reports that early music training dramatically enhances children’s abstract reasoning skills.

These findings indicate that music uniquely enhances higher brain functions required for mathematics, chess, science and engineering. This does not mean that only band or choir students benefit from music.

It can be anyone who breaks down the rhetorical devices in the lyrics, which the majority of people do unconsciously. I am not saying that within a week of listening to music in the lunch room everyone will be masterminds. I am just saying that allowing students to listen to music in the cafeteria during lunch will do us more good than harm. Why deny this tool when it can benefit us? A part from intellectual benefit, music can also have positive emotional benefits.

When students desire relaxation for 30 minutes, they can tune to mellow music to ease the day. Or likewise, it applies if the student is tired and desires a rush to keep him or her awake. Music is the only “universal language” everyone can understand. Music has been around since the days of dawn. Every human being listens to some degree of tunes.

It is also a way to connect with our peers. Music connects people like old photo albums connect a family. It is such a powerful tool that tunes can change a person’s mood. Oh heck, it is so powerful that it has revolutionized our culture periodically in the past decades. I strongly believe that students would greatly benefit from listening to music in the cafeteria.

The administration might allow it if the school board would approve the option of listening to music during our lunch periods.

Vote online if you would like to see music return.