Faucet Water Enhances performance


Ben Martin, Staff Writer

The legendary faucet in the boys’ locker room continues to impress and shine. 

  One of the sinks in the boys’ locker room has gained high recognition after multiple students and staff have reported superstitions involving the water. 

  “Now, I can’t say this for certain because it’s not been scientifically proven,” PE teacher John Prieboy said, “however I believe that subconsciously, there is a mental boost to morale.” 

  Some of these temporary “boosts” have taken effect for some of the sports program’s players after using the faucet. 

  “I know that [Stratton] for example pitched a no-hitter after drinking the faucet water,” Prieboy said. “I’m no scientist, but what else could it be?” 

  There has also been circulation around the school for the boys track record that took place with the team consuming the water. 

  “My 4 by 800-meter relay of me, Cam Mulyk, Paul Deavila, and Mike Forbear ran a school record the day of drinking the faucet water,” Alex Rojo, senior, said. 

  Students agree that they wish this sink phenom existed in past years as well. 

  “I wish it was because of the impact it’s made on the whole school,” Ethan Whitney, senior, said. 

  Other students hope for it to add to the school in future years as well, not just for sports but for it to contribute as a culture too. 

  “I think people who have graduated in the past are very jealous of what we have,” Rojo said. “But I hope the faucet tradition continues in years to come.” 

  On the other hand, controversy over the faucet culture has also arisen within the student body, with others wishing it stayed as just a locker room sink. 

  “Heck no!” Hunter Porn senior said. “I feel people have no idea what that faucet has probably been through, you don’t know when it’s ever been cleaned, it’s just disgusting”. 

  The legend of the faucet was first born with the noticeable differences with the water compared to the water from the other sources in the boy’s locker room. 

  “Before we discovered the beneficial impacts of drinking the water,” Prieboy said, “personally I just noticed washing my hands on that side, it really did a great job of getting the soap off my hands and just one day I decided hey maybe I’ll just take a swig from it, and I did, and the water was ice cold and it was very refreshing.” 

  To touch more on how it feels to consume the water since some are just now learning about it, it can be looked at in a variety of ways as each student and staff member has their own reaction to the actual taste. 

  “It’s like an indescribable feeling when I drink that water or when I dunk my head under. I feel reborn into a new life,” Rojo said. 

  These claims is what keeps the faucet running in the common talk around school. 

  “I’d say you feel like a new person,” Whitney said. 

  When news about the faucet is presented by the PE teachers, the atmosphere in the boy’s locker room transforms into a collective experience of gathered hype and excitement. 

  “Yes, it’s a madhouse in there,” Nick Syron, senior, said. 

  The celebratory noise can be echoed throughout the locker room so everyone can take part. 

  “People go crazy for it, smacking lockers, yelling, screaming,” Porn said. 

  There seems to have been nothing like this for gym classes in recent years, and the faucet and its water has been the core of attraction. 

 “It’s crisp, it’s ice-cold, there’s no funky aftertaste or anything like that that’d you sometimes get from a water fountain or bottled water,” Prieboy said. “It’s pure and I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s the best water I’ve had in my entire life.”