Gas prices rise after Russian oil ban


Leila Bernal, Staff Writer

Unless you live in an urban setting, realistically you are going nowhere without a vehicle in the United States. Our country is car dependent on the extreme. Many people in the first few days after the ban of Russian oil imports of Russian oil, natural gas and coal were happy to pay gas prices to stand with Ukraine’s war efforts. As people began to fill up their tanks, support for the ban dimmed in the face of gas prices reaching an all-time high.
Blaming the current administration for gas prices is illogical after rallying behind a ban of Russian goods. It is easy to get swept up into the American politics of gas prices however, on the world stage all gas has gone up due to the ban. There is hypocrisy in calling for a ban on Russian imports then criticizing the Biden administration when oil prices rose.
America’s gas prices went up but not as much as people think, according to despite only three percent of U.S oil coming from Russia prices are set worldwide and with most countries following the ban of Russian oil and gas the removal of that much gasoline gas prices skyrocketing before alternative fuel sources can be identified.
The Biden administration has called for releasing oil from the nation’s reserves and have encouraged them to increase their production. While this would help gas prices to decline, it would be a major step back in what efforts the country has made to shift over to alternative energy sources.
Although America can be sustainable on its own fossil fuels, this opportunity to be reliant on the country’s reserves should be a wakeup call that fossil fuels are limited within the states and other measures need to be taken for alternative energy sources. Too many times alternative energy has been put to the side and within this time of crisis the possibility to further the research behind alternative energy resources.
I personally believe that the gas prices are understandable and do not feel inclined to blame the Biden administration for what their support of the Ukraine has wrought on gas prices. Filling up my gas tank is as expensive as ever but that does not mean I won’t fill up my tank so I feel no need to rage about something that is a result of supporting the Ukraine through their suffering.