Texas Chainsaw Massacre kills like classics

Texas Chainsaw Massacre kills like classics

Gavin Henson, Staff Writer

  The thrills and chills are back. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is back with the newest film in the franchise on Netflix. It’s been 48 years since the original film was released. This new film is a sequel to the original movie. 

  The movie takes place in an abandoned town called Harlow Texas. Young entrepreneurs Melody (played by Sarah Yarkin) and Dante (played by Jacob Latimore) buy a building to turn into a comic bookstore. Little do they know when they get to the building they bought, there is a lady that still lives in the building named Mrs. Mc with her son (Leatherface played by Mark Burnham).  Mrs. Mc dies, then Leatherface begins his killing spree.  

  Some of the actors were scared during the filming. “It is so emotionally grueling at a certain point, just getting there every day. It gets really hard to let it go, in between.” Yarkin said. This film is also a Netflix exclusive.  

  This movie may be one of the goriest slasher movies in any slasher series. The CGI used in this movie is remarkable and the screen editors did a really excellent job. The actors picked for this movie are of a wide range of ages and it is nice to have a good variety of ages. This film has the most brutal kills in the whole franchise. The original film is very cheesy, and the kills are not that good. This movie completely “kills” the original. 

   I think the storyline itself could have been a little different. The directors wanted to modernize the film, but there should be some adjustments. The mask that is used in the movie is very creepy, nothing can beat the original mask but this one is still cool.  

  Overall, after watching the film, this is a good movie. For how the directors tried to make it a sequel to the original, they did an excellent job. This is 4 stars out of 5, would recommend to anyone that is into slasher films.