SAT prep classes important for all students


Cen'taysia, Feature Editor

In light of the fact that SAT scores no longer have to be sent to colleges, some students feel that they no longer need to take the SAT prep classes. However, students who plan on going to college should still take the SAT prep classes that are offered. Students who take SAT prep classes tend to make big improvements in their scores, which can still have many positive impacts.
By taking the SAT prep class students are preparing for the real thing and the main benefit for the test is to show universities all of the student’s academic skills. Even though the universities aren’t really looking at the testing scores for admission, they still can see where the college would place the student academically or even what would be the best college for the student.
Another big reason to take the SAT prep classes is to find out what universities a student should apply to. Nobody wants to waste time and money on universities that are not willing to accept them. The college admissions process is time consuming and can also be expensive. SAT scores tell which schools each student has the best shot at, and which ones aren’t worth the time and or effort.
We don’t know what colleges students are considering going to or their money situations, so students should always do what’s in their best interest. Students will have to take the SAT test so we should all take the test seriously even if we aren’t in any prep classes.