Phones distract from life’s possibilities

Miguel Cambray, Entertainment Editor

Waiting… for that person to text back during class… for the test scores to be posted … for the new music to drop …
Waiting creates a temptation to reach for a phone. From students texting friends to vent about a teacher to texting a significant other, phones being a distraction can range to all ages, but there are times where the distraction of the phone is unhealthy.
According to Healthline, if someone is anxious, short tempered, or depressed without their phone, these are symptoms of being addicted to the phone. On the other hand, people who are always on their phone could just be bored and are trying to pass the time.
Before phones became popular, there was pencil tapping, zoning out, creating the most outlandish doodles on pieces of paper, or sleeping in class. Those were all distractions in school that a phone has replaced.
A phone however, is way more : it is a tool of communication, information, and entertainment. Not to mention how accessible it is. Back in the early 2000’s it was around 20 cents per message, and everyone was trying to conserve those precious minutes for calling friends and family. Nowadays it’s unlimited texting with most phone plans, and unlimited call time. The temptation to reach for something so convenient is almost irresistible.
Now, no one at the Fielder is a psychologist (some do take psychology classes though) however, we believe that if there are signs where there is clear discomfort constantly from someone when they are not near their phone, then it is time they should get help.
Even if it hasn’t gotten to that extreme, we encourage people to step out of their shell. We should all put down the phone and take in the environment and people around us. There’s a possibility that a soulmate could be found.
Ultimately, a phone is a distraction that can be overcome. It is very easy to get distracted, and check a phone to see what’s happening all over social media, but it’s important for everyone to resist that urge, and to live a healthy life. Don’t let the phones control the people.