Valentines Day is not only for couples


Joe Defano, Staff Writer

Whether it is a joyous and love-filled celebration with a loved one or a bitter and lonely vigil, Valentines’ Day is a day to be happy. With the dark and cold days of the winter months, it helps to look on the bright side. Giving sweets and cards to people puts smiles on their faces. With so much hardship and struggles in everyday life, a simple Valentine’s Day card could change someone’s whole day.
However, many people feel that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday and serves no reason other than to make people feel bad that they don’ have a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s cute for couples, but if you are single it can be a rough day unless spent with other people like friends or family. According to The Fielder survey, students feel Valentine’s Day should be celebrated as a day of all kinds of love, not just romantic. Valentine’s day does not have to be all about significant others. According to giving friends or family members a small box of chocolates or a gift expresses your appreciation and embodies the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.
According to Emma Romberg Junior, Valentine’s Day is a happier time, and giving cards is what makes it fun. This school offers valentine grams that cost a dollar. Another solution would be to make paper hearts and cards, add color with glitter. Something simple means the most. People don’t neevd an expensive and extravagant find to feel special, especially if you have a friend who might be hurting or alone. Valentine’s day is not only about love and intimacy, it is about friendship, companionship, and camaraderie.
Overall, Valentines Day is not a Hallmark holiday. It is, however, a legitimate holiday that deserves to be recognized and celebrated. Spreading joy and appreciation are what makes people feel complete. Look and see the bigger picture and understand leaving the pettiness behind is the mature thing to do. Go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day.