Free school lunch disatisfies some students

The district has made changes to the lunch system this year according to Principal Chris Chlebek.
Students will not be able to get add-ons like chips, ice-cream, etc. with their lunch this year, as they used to in years past, and seats are assigned.
“It is a shame that we cannot pay for those snacks in the lunchroom,” junior Jack Darby said.
“They give us a very little amount of food and being able to get chips, etc. would help fill me up,” junior Marissa Farrell said.
Multiple students have been angered by the limited selection of food in the cafeteria. Specifically because they believe the portion sizes of the meals are too small.
“Meals should be twice the size of what they are, especially since we ate more when we were freshmen,” Darby said.
Part of the reason for eliminating chips and other treats is that the school is now offering free breakfast as well as lunch. The lunch and breakfast options change every day.
“I think it’s good [that lunches are free] because parents who lost their jobs due to covid might not be able to afford to pay for school lunch for their children, and everyone deserves to eat,” junior Alyssa Bonomo said.
As a safety precaution, no more than six people per lunch table are permitted in the cafeteria.
“Personally, I don’t like it because I see the disconnect, where some students are by themselves due to the limit,” Chlebek said.
There have been protests against this year’s lunch seating rules on social media since school began.
“I feel that it can exclude children from their friends. I see many people sitting alone because six slots are filled. there should be at least ten to a table,” Farrell said.
“I think it’s ok, but it should be eight to a table,” Bonomo said.
Lunch is only a half period, but some students feel it is the most important.
“Despite the fact that lunch is thirty minutes during the school day, these thirty minutes are crucial to a student’s success,” Darby said.