‘Halloween Kills’ fails to deliver relevance


Ben Martin, Staff Writer

Does evil die tonight? A question frequently asked in David Gordon Green’s newest film Halloween: Kills involving the battle of Haddonfield’s very own Michael Myers and the town.
It has been three years since the previous film “Halloween” (2018) where the audience last saw the “Boogeyman” trapped in the basement of Laurie Strode played by Jamie Lee Curtis.
“Halloween: Kills” (202A1) leaves off right from the rampage from the last movie with old characters being reintroduced consisting of the children from the very first “Halloween” (1978), Tommy Doyle played by Anthony Michael Hall and Kyle Richards cast as Lindsey.
Officer Hawkins played by Will Patton reappears too along with Nancy Stephens returning to her role as nurse Marion from the original film.
Nobody needs to watch every movie of the trilogy to understand the background of this year’s film, but it is recommended that the viewer know the basis of the very first movie and the 2018 one.
A particularly misleading aspect of the movie originates from the extremely spoiler-producing trailers (which shows close to every part of the film) involving Laurie Strode looking like a main character, which is false.
Laurie Strode is perhaps the least-used character in the entire movie being tied down to a hospital bed from enduring the injury caused by Myers in the last movie, which is surprising due to the fact she has been the franchise’s leading character, along with Michael Myers of course.
The coined phrase “evil dies tonight” is definitely overused throughout the entirety of the film from start to finish causing the audience to really just smile and not take it as seriously after hearing it several times as it starts to lose meaning.
The acting quality for the movie isn’t A-list or anything special since it is just a horror movie, but the special effects and make- up seem to be top notch once again. Each attack begins quiet then guns blazing with the pace transitioning easily, the movie in general achieved the purpose of brutality and jump scares with their classic ending securing the spot for a sequel which has already been announced to be titled “Halloween: Ends” expected to release next year.
Anyone can go into it wanting to enjoy another Halloween movie, and another Halloween movie is what they are going to receive with Myers eliminating close to the whole cast presented and the gore of being caught.
Hopefully we can look forward to “Halloween: Ends” more so than the staging movie for it, “Halloween: Kills.”
Overall for I would give it a 2 out of 5-star rating simply because of the lack of importance for this movie besides just setting up the next one in 2022. Laurie Strode was hinted at for all commercials, advertisements, trailers etc. but rarely made an appearance, taking away from that old rivalry between her character and Myer’s.