Biden with thoughtful yet poor action

Miguel Cambray, Entertainment Editor

On August 15, 2021 the Presidential Palace of Kabul was stormed by the Taliban. To understand what has been going on, a quick lesson on the 20 year long war would be helpful. Since September 11, 2001 the US has invaded Afghanistan to eliminate Osama Bin Laden, whom some feel was a product of the US government. He was later killed by Navy Seals on May 2nd.
Now around 2014 the security of Afghanistan was handed back to Afghan National security forces. During this time the Taliban has still been terrorizing Kabul and the surrounding areas of Afghanistan.
To fast forward a bit during Trump’s term he had been negotiating with the Taliban for a peace treaty. The withdrawal of US troops, and then a steady release of Taliban prisoners was negotiated in the treaty. Now this sounded completely horrendous to get rid of the protector and release the danger, but the other part of the treaty is that the Taliban is to decrease its violence across the nation with the threat of attack if they did not.
Now transitioning towards Biden’s term, after that extremely short crash course the same process and treaty is supposed to be in action. Biden has planned to keep withdrawing the troops from the bloody country stained with innocent lives on all sides of this messy war. According to Biden he says, “The U.S. achieved its initial and primary objective, to ensure Afghanistan would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland again” and that “our reasons for remaining in Afghanistan are becoming increasingly unclear”. Biden seems to be in full effect to carry out Trump’s wishes. Beginning August 6, 2021, however the Taliban had taken over a province.
On August 15th the Taliban stormed Kabul, and the Presidential Palace. Biden did not carry out Trumps threat of attck. When the Taliban attacked Kabul while the troops were withdrawn.
Important officials of the Afghanistan government have fled the country. Innocent civilians are doing anything to flee the country. The desperation runs deep in the people of Afghanistan as there are videos circulating around the internet of people clinging on the outside of planes as they go for takeoff.
The desperation and horror that came from these videos were similar to the videos of 9/11. Innocent people who were victims of pure evil suffered. And both sides had evil and both sides had innocent people in this war.
Biden had the right intentions, but the poorest execution. The Taliban currently controlling all of Afghanistan, and all US troops withdrawn is not a good mix. With the Taliban’s control it will make a haven for any other terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda. Their sexist ways of life will cost innocent women their freedom, or even worse their lives.
This war may have ended; however, it’s like a spill that still has not been cleaned up correctly. To top it off there are innocent lives being lost due to this reckless spill that important people have made. It is the United States’ job to help to ensure safety in areas we occupy, and it sounds selfish to fix our problem while we occupy someone else’s country and leave the rest of the problems to them.