Baseball team looks to build off hot start to season


Emma Figlewicz

Brandon Leidolph, senior, winds up for the pitch.

Miguel Cambray, Staff Writer

With the varsity team having a positive win to loss record by having seven wins and 6 losses. team has their eyes locked on to regionals and state, and the coach plans to strive for their goals. 

“As long as we keep improving each and every week for the competitive conference tournament, hopefully then we are playing our best baseball come the time for the state series which is around early June. Then a run for the regional championship which is at the top of the goal list,”  John Rosner, varsity coach, said.  

The varsity team plays in a very competitive conference, and to reach those goals, the team will need to surpass everyone else. 

“Every school in our conference has very good teams. It is one of, if not the toughest public school conference in the state. Any team can beat any other team on any given day, it is going to be a battle day in and day out for the conference championship,” Josh Cunniff, senior, said.  

The team members push each other to improve individually, which will help achieve their goals.  

“If you’re the best player on the team you shouldn’t be playing with that team. It’s always good to have players better than you so you can excel into a better player,” Nate Buchan, senior said.  

Coach Rosner has his ways to help students get ready for the game physically and mentally, because the players need to be focused.  

“Part of it is my energy, I need to come ready to go to play each and every day. They feed off of that, and it’s also part of our schedule and plan,” Rosner said “It’s also my part as a coach to be able to read players and students to see where they’re at, and then part of that is face to face conversations with them. We are always stressing constantly and talking to them about it that they are being the best player they can,” Rosner said.  

Competitiveness is a similarity that some players share. To be competitive will help the team progress to winning.  

“I hate losing, and I work hard and push my teammates to work hard so we can put ourselves in a good position to win games and championships,” Cunniff said.  

To be drawn into something that is not required by the school is purely out of interest. Everyone has a reason why they started playing baseball. 

“Ever since I was born I was always around baseball. My older brother plays baseball, my dad was still playing at the time. My grandpa played pro ball in the minor leagues; it is just in my blood. I couldn’t imagine life without it,” Cunniff said.  

Now the saying “practice makes better” is a statement that is universal for anyone trying to improve in a skill. Of course, there is practice for baseball during practice hours, but outside practice helps as well.  

“Yes, I like to practice how I play so being outside on our game field is the closest we get to playing an actual game,” Buchan said.  

The baseball team is like a family the team is all close and important, and their ability to grow as players and to strengthen their bond over time.  

“I love this team. The coaching staff and players all do a great job of making it a huge family, we all love each other and would do anything for each other. On top of having that family atmosphere, we are all competitors, we all work hard to do our jobs because at the end of the day, our job is to get Ws.(Wins)” Cunniff said.