Quarantined dating requires extra communication

Mitch Hunter, Staff Writer

  Dating comes with struggles but dating during a pandemic is even harder. Couples try to see each other regularly and spend the most amount of time they can with each other, but with the pandemic, that has become extremely difficult. 

  One main situation is social distancingIt is especially important for everyone’s safetyto stay away from each other for a small portion of time. Especially if someone had just come back from traveling or had relatives from out of the state visit. 

  It’s almost like being in a bubble, you have your bubble and your significant other has their bubble and you have to remain apart for a while before you can become whole,” Melissa Schmitt, senior, said. 

  One of the most important aspects of a relationship is communication, which is easier during a pandemic because of smartphones and social media, but another main aspect is touch, such as hugging and being around the person in general. If your partner does not have it, it could affect the relationship severely. 

  Another difficulty is date nights. A lot of the places to go to or to eat are closed, so it is necessary to find alternatives.  

   “We wouldn’t be able to do stuff that we’d normally do when we saw each other, like go out to eat, or go see a movie, or just go and hang out somewhere,” Mason Craig, senior, said. 

  Something that everyone should keep in mind is that if people have communication and are happy together, they will find things that they can do. Eventually, when they have spent enough time together, they will be able to finally embrace each other and do some of the activities they want without fear of getting the other person sick. 

  Dating during a pandemic is not easy and will take time to push throughbut it is manageable, and if people can find ways to make it work then the problems will reduce immensely