Bears keeping Pace, Nagy right move despite controversy


Michael Totosz, Staff Writer

The Chicago Bears have ended another season in disappointing fashion. After going 12-4 in 2018, the Bears now have back to back 8-8 seasons with no real certainty of where the team is headed. The blame for this sudden fall off now falls on General Manager, Ryan Pace and Head Coach, Matt Nagy; however, both men will return in the 2021-22 season. This has stricken controversy amongst fans who do not think they deserve to keep their jobs after showing no improvement. While this opinion is partly justified,  it is just silly.

If both men were to be fired, this would signal the beginning of a rebuild. This would be a very speechless thing to do because there is currently too much talent on the Chicago Bears to rebuild. The team, while currently stuck in mediocrity, is closer to the top than the bottom.

Their offense is the obvious problem with this team because of the QB position. It was reported by Bleacher Report that John Fox, head coach of the Bears during 2017, wanted Deshaun Watson over Trubisky. Obviously, collaboration was not utilized between head coach and GM as Pace then selected Trubisky. I think there would be collaboration this year if the Bears would choose to draft a QB in the upcoming draft, because Matt Nagy would certainly have a say in who to draft. 

Matt Nagy, who was in Kansas City at the time, was involved in the draft process there and thought highly of Patrick Mahomes, whom the Chiefs ended up selecting. The rest is history.

In the Bears postseason conference, both men expressed their confidence in the “culture” they have built in the Bears organization. They are right. In the three years with Matt Nagy as head coach, the Bears have yet to finish with a losing record, and have made the playoffs two out of three years. Even though they may not have won a playoff game yet, this is still a great accomplishment by these two men, which should not go unnoticed.

It is no secret that in Chicago, football is the biggest sport in the city. George McCaskey has made the right decision to bring back Nagy and Pace to let them work together to possibly find the franchise quarterback that has never existed in Bears history. They should attempt a trade for Deshaun Watson, who has just requested a trade. Now it is time for them to prove themselves and find solutions to bring this team back to that 12-4 feel and out of mediocrity.