IHSA suspends girls bowling, puts pause on current season


Plainfield Lanes stands closed to the public.

Emma Figlewicz, Entertainment Editor

With Winter sports being suspendedthe girls bowling team waits for the green light to start the new season where they have high hopes to build upon the success of last year. 

“We have seven returning upperclassmen that will be the leaders on helping this program be successful this year,” Connie McGrath, head coach, said. “Each of these returning players brings something of strength to this team. Some can bowl a lot of strikes in a roll, others are consistent with making spares, and all of them understand the meaning of a team. 

With having so many returning players McGrath looks to the future, excited for what the year brings for the girls. 

“We want to be a competitive team in one of the toughest conferences in the state. We want to try and get some points towards the conference title every dual match. We have a bigger goal of reaching the Sectional part of the IHSA state series this year,” McGrath said. 

Following the IHSA guidelines set in place, the team must adapt to new restrictions placed for the safety of all bowlers and coaches.  

“We are having almost no tournaments this year; these tournaments are how we get noticed by colleges. Also, due to bowling alleys being closed many of us haven’t been able to practice as often as we did last year,” Grace Dillingham, junior, said.  

 These changes however will not hinder the competitive nature that the SPC conference brings 

 Our biggest competition is the entire SPC conference along with other local powerhouses not in our conference such as Lockport and Andrew. All of these schools are extraordinarily strong in depth and have strong middle school programs that help build strong high school programs,” McGrath said.  

 With this competitive environment develop a mentality to reach for perfection which can either make or break a game.  

 “Mentality is the biggest challenge. You start to overthink things the minute you throw a bad shot, and in that moment, you have to either get over it and figure out what you did wrong or let it get the best of you, “Kathleen Schraer, sophomore, said.  

  The team relies heavily on each other to stay calm and collected during these stressful matches.  

  “We are extremely comfortable being around each other and being open with one anotherWe really do look out for one another, if someone is struggling with their mentality or physical game, we’re all there to help,” Kaitlyn Pillion, senior, said.  

  Many people associate bowling as an easy recreational sport and downplay the skill it takes to play.  

  “A lot of people think bowling is just throwing a ball and hitting pins, but it is definitely harder than it looks. It is an extremely technical sport-,” Dillingham said. “Where you stand on the lane and where you aim to roll the ball all depends on the oil condition of the lane. You must take note of the environment of the alley, you never know it is going to be cold, hot, humid or dry-. 

  Even with their season being as unpredictable as it is, the seniors have a positive outlook and are looking forward to competing.  

  “We haven’t gone to sectionals as a team since my freshman year. This year we have the capability to do it and I’d love to see it happen before us seniors leave,” Pillion said.