Shake Shack – Best Burgers In Town?


Jayden Johnson, Fielder Friday Editor

 The food at Shake Shack is a simplistic everyday fast food, but with a delectable twist. 

 The flavors with every meal dance in my mouth and expand my tastes to pure edible ecstasy. Shake Shack is best known for their crispy, crinkle cut fries that practically crunch in anyone’s mouth with delicacy. Their mushroom burger and their hot dogs are also one of their most popular items, though none even come close to their Shack Burgers. It’s a tantalizing way to tease anyone’s taste buds at a reasonable price, and the second-best part is that the delicious fries come with it!   

    I was initially hesitant due to the vehicles and people in the restaurant, but the precautions they took ceased my worries the moment I walked into the door. Handwashing and sanitizing stations were immediately on standby, there were arrows to focus the flow of traffic in the building and stanchions were lined up to socially distance those who walked in, and there was a secondary take-out option where, if the COVID-19 required building was close to its limit for occupants, anyone could go in and order and wait in their vehicle, where workers would then personally come outside and hand them their food.   

    Not only is the wait time ironically short – despite the number of people who flock to the restaurant on a daily – but the food is well made and hot even after you leave it sitting for a few minutes, and the best part is that the leftovers you might have – and believe me, once you get the first bite you’ll want more – they don’t become that kind of mediocre, soggy and slightly less delicious meal when you throw it in the microwave. I highly suggest their food and, if you still feel hesitant even with their COVID-19 precautionary measures, you can easily go into their drive-thru and/or take out! It’s a great restaurant that is rising in consumers and popularity, and I would thoroughly recommend Shake Shack for anyone who is a true burger lover.