Girls swim team places sixth at IHSA sectionals

Zoi Jonihakis, junior, swims her 100 butterfly event.

Sara Rand, Feature Editor

After a great season with an 8-1 record, the girls swim team placed second at the Varsity SPC meet on Oct 27. The team went on to place sixth at the IHSA sectionals on Oct 24. 

“These girls work hard and are the best team players I have ever had the pleasure of coaching. They all did whatever was asked of them to help the team,” George Sam, head coach, said. 

In a time of uncertainty, the team is grateful they were able to have a season this year. 

“COVID has taken some opportunities away from us – no state meet, no relays. But we still had opportunities to compete and have some sort of a season. We definitely wanted to get the whole season in,” Sam said. 

Even with their final season being cut short, the seniors took these setbacks and turned a negative situation into a positive one.   

“Under the circumstances I think the season has gone well. This group of seniors has been fantastic and have had such a positive outlook that they made it great for everyone,” Sam said. 

Despite some setbacks due to COVID-19 and new IHSA regulations, the team is limited to restricted practices, meets, and limited amounts of spectators during meets,  the girls haven’t let that affect their positive outlook.  

“COVID has changed the entire course of our season. We must handle everything responsibly and watch every single move we make. Luckily, the swim team got their season,” Kelly Fitzgerald, senior, said. 

The sport is heavily supported by the team environment, but what a swimmer does after diving in for a race is all individual.  

“When you are swimming a race, it’s just you in the pool and you have to focus on doing the absolute best in every event for yourself and the team,” Zoi Jonihakis, junior, said. 

Together the girl’s strong bond has helped the team persevere through the rough season plagued by COVID-19 coming out with an impressive record for the entire team.  

“My team went above and beyond this season in every way they possibly could have,” said Fitzgerald. “Our team is a mixture of all the best components of a team. We have a very strong bond that stretches across all the Plainfield schools.” 

The sport doesn’t receive as much attention as others such as football and baseball, which can lead people to think that swimming is simple.

“The biggest misconception surrounding swim is that it’s an easy sport. To anyone who thinks that I invite you to swim one practice with the swim team. I assure you that your opinions will change,” Fitzgerald said.