Remote learning offers many benefits


Raven Easterly, In-depth Editor

  Waking up every morning to get ready and go to school can be exhausting. With online school, students can see even more benefits than waking up later in the day and practicing social distancing from home. 

  There is no doubt that online education allows students to choose from a wide variety of clubs, this works as a big advantage for students who do not have transportation. Students can stay home and take part in club meetings online while not having to worry about transport or gas 

  While students’ take the advantage of staying home, they may even learn more about the technology they have to use later in the future.  

  Online students get into the habit of networking with peers from home. Students become better familiarized with writing proper emails and how to work with technology they will have use and be familiarized with in college and future careers 

  While students are learning more about the technology that they will use for years to come, they also can slow down the learning process and fully understand the material that is presented to them. 

  Online classes enable students to work at their own pace. Certain students follow the pace of a traditional course with the rest of the students, even if they are inconvenienced. However, this leads to frustration eventually. They often end up feeling bored with monotonous instruction.  

  Students no longer need to worry about sitting in the back of the classroom and not be able to see the board or miss any of the notes. With online, each class is recorded and shared by the teacher for three days, then the video for that day is taken down. They can go back and rewatch the class and write anything they may have missed.  

  Online schooling requires teachers to be accessible more often than in person. This is a huge facility for online high school students. They do not have to keep their doubts pending until the end of the week due to a lack of the teacher’s availability. According to, with such robust faculty support, the students get to experience wholesome learning.