Dave Stephens wins CAPE award

Paige Gieseke, Fielder Friday Editor

Dave Stephens, principal, was presented with the CAPE award in February. According to Betsey Vinson, CAPE organization president for District 202, he received more than 20+ nominations from students, fellow staff, and community members.

“I was surprised and excited. It’s very nice, it’s wonderful to win an award, but like anything it’s because of the wonderful students that we have and the great faculty that we have,” Stephens said.

Stephens has been in the district for 33 years. In his teaching career, he has been a fifth-grade teacher, seventh grade teacher for social studies, a high school teacher for geography and world history, as well as the athletic director and a basketball, football, and golf coach for PHS-CC. Stephens has been the principal since 2016.

“The CAPE award was established in 1983 to honor individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the District 202 community through their volunteerism,” Vinson said.

The award Stephens received was a plaque with his name and a paragraph thanking him for his years of dedication in his career.

Patrick Hanley, US history and street law teacher, was a student when Stephens was a staff member. Hanley played basketball at PHS-CC his sophomore through senior year. Stephens was his coach for those three years. However, Hanley has known him for a much longer time period than just high school.

“I’ve known Mr. Stephens since I was five years old. He always ran the basketball camps at the school…I was lucky enough to get to play for him. He’s someone who is a great leader, and he really practices what he preaches; he makes sure to live his life in a way that’s a good example for others,” Hanley said.

Stephens and all the other CAPE Award winners will be presented their awards at a future date that has needed to be rescheduled. Stephens plans to retire at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.