Students begin journey ‘Into the Woods’

Alana Daliege, News Editor

  Students walk the lives of fairy tale characters in James Lapine‘s ‘Into the Woods.’ A show where the famous stories come to life and join together, but have a twist ending. The musical was supposed to run April 17 through April 19, however, due to recent circumstances, the date may change.  

  “By the end of act one, everyone gets what they want. Then act two happens and we get to see the consequences to a person’s desires,” Nathan Rancatore, director, said.  

  The baker and his wife long for a child, but the witch has cursed them and they need to break the spell. They need to find cow as white as milk, hair as yellow as corn, the cape as red as blood, and a slipper as pure as gold in the span of three days to be successful. The show goes in depth with Grimm’s Brothers stories and each have wishes tfulfill 

  I love the creative collaboration involved to make a story come to life,” senior Olivia Brady, Little Red Riding Hood, said.  

  Brady has been in the theatre department all four years and loves being able to perform on stage with her peers, such as senior Georgia Sigler. 

  “Theater and music are very large parts of my life. Being able to get up on the stage and put on another person’s mask is super enjoyable to me,” Sigler, who plays Cinderella, said.  

  Senior Samantha Zigmant says that having many diverse and different characters in one musical makes it hard any one a character to stand out. 

 “The most challenging thing about bringing this script to life is that there are so many story lines that intermix with each other. Having so many diverse and different characters in one musical makes it hard for a character to stand out,” Zigmantwho plays Cinderella’s mother, said.  

  Although there are some difficulties, the cast works through them and still remains to enjoy the time they spend together.  

 “We all have a great time at rehearsals with lots of laughs and smiles, but still challenge each other and are able to give constructive criticism because most of us know each other well,” junior, Joseph Sarabia, who plays the baker, said. 

  Sarabia says the cast jokes around between scenes and they make time to hang out with other cast members outside of rehearsals.  

 “Everyone knows each other, but not until that final moment when you’re taking your bow together on stage do you really feel the connection,” Zigmant said.  

  The cast will be proceeding to work hard and develop the best show they can 

“People getting together to enjoy creating something; it’s not to earn a grade, not for participation points, it’s not to earn anything. It’s just to be a part of something that’s bigger than you,” Rancatore said.