Why one should pay attention to dreams


Dayanara Miranda, Opinion Editor

Sometimes before the night of an exam, one procrastinates and only studies a little because they believe they are prepared. When going to sleep, there should not be a surprise if all of a sudden one dreams about sitting on their desk, taking the test, and a bunch of snakes appear roaming all over the room.

According to Sigmund Freud, once a psychoanalyst, when one has certain feelings, wishes, or desires that they do not want to face, or ignores them, it always seems to linger on them unconsciously, and one seems to find these feelings again back in their dreams or nightmares whether they realize it or not.

Some of these dreams can be confusing, weird, out of the ordinary, or scary, but I believe one should try to detect these signs of what our bodies are trying to tell us because they do have meaning. It can be anything from something distracting us from being happy or a sign that we should try and be less stress about certain factors in our lives.

Whether it be feelings about not being ready for a test, liking someone, or being guilty about lying to someone, its better take these feelings into account and handle them effectively before it can take them over, because otherwise, it can affect them mentally and physically.

According to Psychology Today, “nightmares can become more than just occasional disruptions, becoming a significant source of sleep anxiety and can affect day time behavior”. By ignoring what the mind and body is trying to tell one, the same dream can reoccur, and if not being treated, it can affect them at all hours.

Of course, according to other theories, it can just be brain activity, or just reoccurring images from ones daily life but In worse matters, whether someone is cheating on a partner or is breaking the law, these dreams can be our consciousness trying to save us from making a wrong decision or for solving a problem.

Next time anyone has a crazy dream about being kidnapped, or flying into space, they should look up the deeper meaning and analyze the dream, because we may never know what our bodies are trying to tell us. And if it is a consistent dream, and is affecting daily life, then there is no shame in receiving help and figuring out what our body needs or wants.