Teacher Feature: Melinda Bjork


Photo courtesy of Melinda Bjork

Melinda Bjork, science teacher, and her husband have three children ages 14, 11, and four.

Paige Gieseke, Fielder Friday Editor

Melinda Bjork has been teaching at PHS-CC for the past seven years, after teaching at Shrewsberry High School for ten years in Massachusetts. She studied biology and science education at the University of Iowa, but she also studied and traveled abroad.
“I studied at the University of Lancaster in Lancaster, England my junior year of college and have travelled through parts of Europe, Uganda, Rwanda and Hawaii,” Bjork said.
“Uganda was probably the most different and the most interesting just because [of] the completely different culture and the uniqueness of it… we went on a safari, so it was different than [what] you can do in other places of the world,” Bjork said. “A highlight is attracting the mountain gorillas… we just got to spend time with them and they were adorable. It was really fun.”
Inside the classroom she is known for being a positive and helpful teacher and person.
Brittany Zettergren, science department chair, says that Bjork truly cares about her students and their wellbeing, not just their grades. Their emotional health is a priority in and out of the classroom.
“She wants the best for her students, and she will help them out in any way she can,” Zettergren said.
Nicole Jeffrey, physics and chemistry teacher, is ‘classroom neighbors’ with Bjork. Since Jeffrey is newer in the building, she knows that Bjork is there to help her with anything she may need.
“Mrs. Bjork ALWAYS gives her students the opportunity to succeed in her classroom. Whether it’s working on labs, working together on projects, or showing them demonstrations…Mrs. Bjork always allows her students to try something new and learn in the way that best fits them,” Jeffrey said.
Melissa Ortiz, senior, had Bjork as a teacher her sophomore year. Not only did Bjork teach lessons inside of the classroom, but she also taught life lessons that students can apply outside of the classroom.
“She helped me learn by pushing me to limits I didn’t know I could achieve… you have to focus on yourself and strive for what you want in life instead of trying to please others,” Ortiz said.
Outside of the classroom, Bjork loves to run and play basketball.
“I feel better when I do [exercise] both physically and mentally,” Bjork said. She also loves to raise her children, who are ages 14, 11, and four.
“I like watching them learn new stuff… doing activities, playing sports, and watching them grow” Bjork said. She also has a pet husky named Easton.