Students receive free EKG screenings courtesy of YH4L

Jessica Brooks, Staff Writer

  Free EKG screenings were performed in the field house on Dec 12. The YH4L (Young Hearts for Life) Organization is a non-profit group that travels to different school districts offering free electrocardiogram screenings for students.
“It’s awesome that our district has done this,” Jen Tomczak, PE division chair, said.
All students were encouraged to register for a free screening. YH4L has a goal for each school they go to. Tomczak said the goal was to perform screenings on 75% of the student population or 1,500 students. As of Wednesday, there were 1,208 students registered, but that number could end up higher since students are allowed to walk-in registration.
“Every kid had the opportunity,” Tomczak said.
Underlying heart conditions affect thousands of people every year. An undetected heart condition could lead to lifelong cardiac issues or sudden death according to the YH4L website, These free EKG screenings reduce the number of unnecessary deaths and help reassure parents that their child’s heart is healthy.
“I wanted to know if I’m okay,” Emily Bernier, junior, said. This procedure can reassure students that their hearts are healthy. YH4L has given the reassurance of a healthy heart to thousands of students over the years.
“A huge part of why it’s so successful is the volunteers,” Tomczak said. Parents signed up to volunteer to help with the process. Anyone who volunteered  was trained and approved to help. Parent help makes the screening processes easier and quicker for everyone according to the YH4L organization.
There are plans to continue the heart screenings in the future.
“Every two years Young Hearts will return to our building. East and Central are on an alternating rotation with South and North,” Tomczak, said.
Registration to have a screening done, or to volunteer is on the YH4L website that was linked to Central’s homepage.