Frozen 2 shocks viewers with icy turn


Abby Blazevic, Co-Editor-In-Chief

A queen with magical powers, her bright-eyed sister, an ice carrier and his reindeer, and a jolly snowman continue their journey throughout Arendelle.
Frozen 2 begins with the same beloved characters Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf enjoying fall, three years after their first brush with adventure. However, twists and turns throughout the movie provide evidence of the differences between the first and second films.
Even though the movie’s target audience was young children, hardships such as loss, heartbreak, and lying are addressed throughout the film. This is different from the original, as it follows Anna as she meets new friends and tries to repair relationships with her sister and others.
The voice acting in the movie exceeded my expectations as even though you cannot see the actor’s face, you can feel the excitement or misery clearly through the speakers.
The character development was evident in the way they cared about each other during certain situations. They have more complex thoughts and solutions to their problems. Their walls broke down and the audience was exposed to a different, more relatable, side to the characters.
Instead of the plot being straight forward and to the point, there were many unexpected twists that sent audiences into shock. Plot holes from the original film were answered and many new ones were created, maybe setting up for a third movie.
Even if the two movies were different, that doesn’t mean that different was worse. Honestly, I preferred the second movie, watching it as a teenager of course, as the characters were easier to connect to. The only critique I can give is the cheesy music video scenes. I give this movie a four out of five stars.