Assembly pays tribute to veterans in community

Shelby Ketchmark, Staff Writter

  Veterans from around the community and school shared their experiences and what this day means to them at this year’s Veteran’s Day assembly, on Nov 8.
The event granted students, starting with third period history classes, the ability to participate in the assembly. Students who have had family members serve could have requested to be sent down to the auditorium.
“The Veteran’s Day event is a day for us to recognize all veterans and say thank you for the sacrifices that they have made for our country,” Ambrose said.
This event has taken place for years, thanks to Ambrose. The event began with an opening speech from Seniors Ryan Kodura and Marija Gosheva and included a round table discussion.
Led by Junior Delaney Latarewicz and English teacher Jim Coventry, the round table discussion allowed the veterans to speak openly about their experience with serving and what lead them to serve in the first place.
“If we didn’t have Mr. Coventry to do the round table, it would be very difficult because you need someone who can communicate,” Dave Stephens, principal, said. Without Coventry and Ambrose, this event would not have happened.
The Veteran’s Day assembly is originally from the Wildcats of Neuqua Valley High School. After hearing how the event impacted the students across town, Ambrose sought the opportunity to introduce the annual assembly to the community of Plainfield.
“To see the patriotism in the kids, it’s great. It opens the student’s eyes to things, and it should. It’s a day of remembrance to those students who have had loved ones serve” Stephens said.
Wilhelmi, having served in his twenties, says his decision to serve was the best thing he’s ever done with his life. He encourages students to serve and experience the discipline and hard work.
“The Marine Corps takes all walks of life of very undisciplined people and teaches you how to take ownership and work together as one,” Wilhelmi said.