Addams Family animation disappoints fans immensely

Abby Blazevic, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Since 1964, the Addams Family has been displayed in television shows and film. Their odd mannerisms, sarcastic humor and love for pain are famous trademarks that make them easy to recognize on screen. The new movie adaptation is a computer-animated comedy horror film based on the comics of the same name by Charles Addams.
With great expectations for the new film, I was let down tremendously.
I was expecting the movie screen to bring to light the dark matters of the family. I wanted them to conquer bright colors and smiles in a sarcastic and demeaning manner.
Instead, the movie was filled with poorly timed jokes that left the audience silent, too much action that almost felt like a Despicable Me rip off, and ineffective pop culture references.
The characterization was completely different from that of the other movies or the television show. Pugsley using pyrotechnics and parachutes, Wednesday wearing color and wanting to go to public school, and Uncle Fester was given a lisp and an outgoing personality. These ideas seem too farfetched for the Addams Family brand.
The voice actors/actresses in the film must be feeling generous towards the movie producers to stoop this low and be a part of this project. Big names in the industry like Finn Wolfhard and Charlize Theron could be involved in bigger and better movies or shows. This project compared to the rest of their careers, is subpar.
The music, instead of a background of creepy piano, was upbeat and even features the popular song “I Like It” by Cardi B. That is no score to set to the most odd and dreadful family in cinema history. Yes, this movie was supposed to be more appealing to the younger generation, but the music is key to understanding the tone of their house and unchanging demeanor.
Audiences could establish the plot of the whole movie about 20 minutes in, as it was very generic and overused: The Addams family vs a neighborhood of well-polished adults and children.
The central message of the film was just because someone is different, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be accepted. The Addams family brand does not match that theme at all. They are supposed to scare the goodie –two- shoeses in the room, not try to be one of them. And as a whole, there was no sarcasm to be found, such a disappointment.
I give this movie a 2.5/5 stars as there were several plot holes, off branded characterization, and unmatched music.