Senior student accepted for national choir


Senior Georgia Sigler was selected to perform in the national choir

Jenny Brooks, Staff Writer

  Senior Georgia Sigler will perform with the national choir at Disney World for a four-day musical festival in Orlando, Florida in November.
Georgia was ecstatic when she found out she made the choir in June.
“The day they were supposed to announce if you made it or not, I was checking my phone every six minutes I was so anxious,” she said. “Then finally I asked Mr. Rancator [choir director] and he told me they had said I made it, and I instantly called my mom. I felt like she needed to know, like all the money you spent was worth it.”
Every year the choir goes to a festival hosted by the ILMEA (Illinois Music Educators Association), in which Georgia qualified for the district ensemble as a sophomore.
“Because I was one of the top  two Sopranos in the district, I had the chance to audition to perform at the state championship baseball game,” she said.
“Although I didn’t sing in that, because I qualified for that audition that automatically sent me to the All-state Honors ensemble.”
An audition for a choir at this level can be stress-enducing.
“It was a lot of hard work, anticipation, and a lot of anxiety, when getting into this
ensemble,” she said.
This audition pulled Georgia in a direction she never guessed she would have gone.
“Pushing myself out of my comfort zone to send that audition, to go that far to perform on a national level she said.     seemed really awesome to me,” she said. “But I have to get the guts to put myself out there. This became a self-finding journey from that, and I’ve really built my confidence since then.”
She has displayed actions that display the hopes of her school music teachers.
“We, as a music department, are very proud of her and we are so happy when students let thier inhibitions grow outside these walls,” Nathan Rancator, choir director, said. “If this is something other students would like to do, they need to realize that being a part of something bigger than yourself is uncomprendable.”
Georiga has been singing her entire life and taking lessons since she was in the 6th grade. She can also play various instruments, which help her wishes to make her own music in the future.
She looks forward to the future and how this opportunity is just a starting point.
“I realized that this is something that I can do in life, after I’ve accomplished all of this just in high school,” she said. “If I keep pushing myself, I can only imagine where it will take me.”