More off campus days for seniors



Finally, senior year! The year for late start, early release, and off-campus lunch. But here’s the catch, one of these perks has a limit of two days.
Off-campus is a perk that allows seniors who meet the requirements to leave during their lunch and study hall hour to eat wherever they choose.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great privilege, but what I don’t understand is why it is only Mondays and Wednesdays when students who have early release or late start have it every day.
The administration is strict on the policies of off- campus but if all the rules are continually followed by students, more days should be rewarded. The main concern is students not returning for the rest of the school day, but that is a potential issue whether students have one day of off campus or all five days.
If a student does happen to continually skip the rest of school, it is reasonable that their lunch privileges be stripped. There is one major issue with the rules of off-campus and that is if one student breaks them, for example comes back into school under the influence of alcohol, the whole senior class has their off-campus taken away. That is like saying that if one student doesn’t do their homework, the teacher gives the whole class zeros on the assignment.
I’m not trying to be unreasonable here, maybe five days is stretching it but what about three or four days? If students don’t want to leave for lunch because of how admittedly expensive it can be, they are not by any means forced to. It just seems unfair that if a student had to make up a test, they would only have one day of off- campus.
All senior perks should be treated the same, especially when they all take up the same amount of time.