Wildcat on Watch: Girls Volleyball

Camryn Knobbe, freshamn, is on the girls volleyball team this year.

Camryn Knobbe – freshman

What goals do you hope to achieve this season?
“I hope to better myself at volleyball and become a better player so that I can prepare myself for college.”

What do you look forward to in HS volleyball?
“I look forward to playing other schools in my conference, making new friends, and becoming a team with all the kids from Indian Trail too.”

What motivated you to play volleyball in HS?
“My club director [motivated me]. He pushed me really hard and I love playing so I was like ‘I’ll give it a shot’.”

Do you plan to play all 4 years?

“I’m trying out all 4 years because it’s one of my biggest passions and I like doing it more than anything else, really.”

Quiara Dunson, senior, is a player on the girls volleyball team.

Qiuara Dunson – senior

How long have you been playing volleyball?
“Probably nine years.”

What lessons have your coaches taught you?
“To be the hardest worker on the court.”

What is a notable achievement in playing the sport?
“My 16’s year of club [when] we won the National Championship.”

Do you plan to continue playing volleyball in college?
“Yes, four years of college.”

Where do you want to go for college? What do you want to study?
“For college, I will probably either go to The University of West Alabama or Bethune-Cookman University. I want to either major in political science or sociology.”