Girls cross country sprints into new season at full speed


Hannah Kopek

Alexis Fuqua, junior, placed 13th in Open Race at the Wildcat Cross Country Invite on Sept. 7

Raven Easterly, Feature Editor

With the largest team since 2005, girls cross country has grown to 35 girls who have gone out for the team, only strengthening the bond.
“Since we’ve gotten so large so quick, as far as numbers go, everybody is very encouraging and hardworking,” Prieboy said.
Despite growing the team so quickly, the girls are all willing to work together to become the best.
“We pride ourselves on being a group who support each other no matter what,” Prieboy said.
The team is so in sync, that the girls consider it to be their best quality, especially when looking at their progress through the years.
“Our teamwork is our strongest compared to any other team. We’re all really close together; we all support one another in everything we do,” Austyn Kraft, senior, said.
While preparing for the team’s next event, the girls have already set their goals for themselves and their team.
“My goal for the girls and myself is to be the best we can be, not to compare ourselves to anyone else” Prieboy said.
The team does go through some challenges, but Molly Mundle, Senior, has some advice for those just starting out or having hardships.
“Even though it’s hard at first, stick with it and don’t be scared. Always talk to the other members because we’re all here to help,” Mundle said.
Even when coming back from an injury, Kaelyn Wiltse, sophomore, suggests that athletes listen to the doctors and take care of themselves.
“Don’t overwork yourself, listen to the doctors, listen to the trainers, tell your coaches if something is wrong or bothering you and that you’re uncomfortable. Follow the recovery plan. Take your time because you’ll be back in the game in no time,” Wiltse said.
With the goals already set out for the team, it’s all about their growth as one and their improvement through the year.
“Remember that it’s going to get better and, in the end, you’re going to look back and see the progress that you made,” Mundle said.
Preiboy has been moved by past mentors where he wanted to begin coaching for the sport, and now that he’s the coach, he encourages people to come try out the sport.
“Cross country is a very inclusive sport… our team is very welcoming. We’re open to anyone who wants to come and try” Prieboy said.
The next Girls Cross Country invite will be the morning of Sept 21 at 9 a.m. in Peoria. The event will take place at Notre Dame Detweiller Park.