Softball keeps eye on conference tournament


Hannah Kopek

Junior Lindsey Bouska pitches to the batter from Plainfield South. The Wildcats lost 10-1.

Makayla Vasquez, Staff Writer

The girls’ softball team is looking to grow their talents as well as their bonds this season, after coming close to winning conference last season.
“They have put in the work to be successful on the field and have the ability to beat anyone they are playing,” Amber Briddick, head coach, said.
The team’s batting average is .280. Some players including junior Anna Campbell, senior Payton Irwin, and junior Sarah Parker have averaged above .300.
“We have a lot of players in the middle 200’s and higher who contribute a lot to the team,” Briddick said.
Having lost conference last year has motivated girls to work even harder to win this year.
“A lot of the other schools underestimate us, but we’ve been beating them. We’re stronger than everyone thinks we are,” Campbell said.
The players place emphasis on a healthy mentality along with skill.
“We definitely have the skill level, we just need to focus on our presence and energy in the game,” Parker said.
The team feels that the competition is tough this year, and specifically cited Joliet Central Catholic and Lincoln-Way schools as tough competition. The girls are practicing with the goal to end the season with a record above 500.
“We definitely have a winning mindset now; we’re getting better,” Parker said.
The team strives for perfection in their games, but Briddick places emphasis on growth.
“It’s a new day, have fun while you’re out there. We’re human and we’ll make mistakes, but we will learn and recover from it.” Briddick said.
Some players have been in softball for many years and along with skill they have developed a love for the sport.
“I love the coaches, I love the team, I love playing,” Lindsey Bouska, junior, said.
Along with being better players, Briddick hopes for them to create better bonds as well.
“I want to see [the team] build relationships and bonds that will continue,” Briddick said. “Above everything I want them to have fun.”
Their next game is tonight at Volunteer Park against Romeoville at 4:30p.m.