Baseball swings for regionals, state


Hannah Kopek

Junior Brandon Micetech connects with the pitch. He has commited to Eastern Illinois University to play baseball.

autumn Raine Dawson, Staff Writer

The boy’s baseball team is making strides towards their competition. The team has been ranked number six in the area by Bugle newspapers with their current record of 18-8. John Rosner, baseball coach, wants his team to make regionals and state.
“This year I want to make a run in the state play off’s,” Rosner said. “I really want to push the team to work hard. I think we can do it, and we will push to limit.”
To reach this goal they have a strategy to work as a team and never to lose focus while in the game.
“We are right now in the middle of the pack and are moving up. We are staying strong and working hard as a team,” Justin Divelbiss, senior, said.
Rosner’s goal is to make his team one where everyone knows how to play the game intelligently.
“My goal is to put my kids in a position where we can be compettitive but also relaxed.,” Rosner said. “When we’re relaxed, our skills tend to shine and they are able to play to their talent, and usually we will come out on top.”
The team plans to emerge victorious from each of their games, even though many teams in the area match them in skill.
“We play against a lot of teams – we never had any rivals,” Rosner said. We all are out there having fun, and the coaches know me well. So, it’s all about team work and effort to do well at the end of the day.”
Their priority is to play a fair game and exhibit good sportsmanship, whether they are playing well or are struggling at certain times.
“When focusing on bad things then it will go bad. You must focus on winning and not giving up. When in the game you must keep the team as one. When you’re thinking too hard about losing it will happen, so stay positive,” Rosner said.
So far, the team is holding up strong and hopes to keep it that way, focusing on the game and staying together as one.
“The strength of the team is very good at defensive and moving as one. We really work together and signal when to do the right move at the right time,” Dylan Armstrong, sophomore, said.
While defense is strong, offense also has areas of strength.
“A strength for the team is pitching, working together, and able to keep eyes on the ball. Some things that I could improve in is being more vocal on the field,” Divelbiss said.
Armstrong has goals for the team and wants to make sure he does everything right. He never wants to fall off during the game, so he stays focused.
“I want to do my best and encourage teammates to push the team and themselves. I want everyone to give their all because they’re capable of it,” Armstrong said.
Armstrong loves his team and wants to see them be successful. He has a bond that can never be broken with them.
“They are great because we can joke around and stay loose but serious when we need to be as a team and friends,” Armstong said.
Overall, the team feels that they are united.
“One thing about our team, we play to our highest potential, never give up, play hard, and motivate each other,” Micetich said.
Their next game is tonight at home versus Romeoville, starting at 4:30 p.m.