Seafood at your fingertips; Crab Boil 59 serves enjoyable meal

Kaley Murray, Staff writer

Seafood at your fingertips is the slogan of seafood restaurant Crab Boil 59, and they promise exactly that. In February 2019, Crab Boil 59 opened with a fun and unusual twist.
The now rustic/ industrial building used to be a Filipino grocery store. All patrons were dressed very casually, and the restaurant had a very homey feel to it. Everything in the building was either made out of wood or metal. After first walking in to the restaurant, we were greeted by our waitress and given a menu, which is as easy as one, two, three! First, diners select which shellfish they would like. Next, they pick what flavored sauce they would like out of garlic butter, lemon pepper, simply Cajun, or the 59 special, which is a mix of the other three sauces, and comes in a mild, medium, or hot option. Finally, they pick any add-ons (rice, corn, sausage, etc.) they want with their fish. There is also an appetizer menu with various non-seafood options.
I ordered headless shrimp in the 59 special sauce, with corn, potatoes, and Kielbasa sausage. On the side, I also ordered a side of chicken wings.
The meal came out very quickly… and in a plastic bag. The meal itself comes in a large, clear plastic bag filled with fish, sauce, and add-ons. People dine with their hands, with no cutlery or plates. This was extremely messy, so luckily there is a hand washing station in the restaurant, as well as a roll of brown paper towels right on the table.
The shrimp were well cooked, and tasted good in the tangy sauce, as well as the corn, potato, and sausage. The chicken wings were perfectly crisp on the outside and cooked well on the inside. Everything was served very hot and timely.
The restaurant prices their seafood the same as the market price for it. The bill was my expectation of what it would be, so I think the price was fair for everything I received.
Crab Boil 59 was definitely worth it. I would recommend wearing the plastic bib, because it was messy. Other than the waitress rushing me to order, the whole experience was very pleasurable, very casual, yet very fun restaurant.  I would give Crab Boil 59 four out of five stars. Aside from a hasty waitress, the restaurant’s food and environment was very enjoyable, and I could see myself going back.