Fielder ranked top ten in state

Editor-in-chief, Elizabeth Hsieh, earned 2nd place for the editorial she wrote about study halls at the IHSA state competition on Friday, April 26.

Earning two second place medals and one fifth place landed the team in 10th place overall at the IHSA State competition on Friday, April 26.

”This year’s team is truly amazing. I had expectations that we could bring home some medals this year, ” Renee Nieckula, advisor, said, “but we haven’t placed in the top ten since 2007.”

Returning state qualifier Elizabeth Hsieh, senior, placed 2nd in editorial writing.

The team of Paige Gieseke, junior, and Jude Mendoza, senior, placed 2nd in video news, despite technical difficulties that left them without a recording of the initial press conference.

Also a returning state qualifier, Iris Wright, senior, placed 5th in copy editing.

”I’m proud of all eight state qualifiers! It’s an accomplishment just to earn a spot here, so any medals earned are icing on the cake,” Nieckula said.