Dressing for success affects others perceptions

Alana Daliege, Staff Writer

Some people are required to formally dress for work or presentations at school, but why is this? In some people’s opinion, dressing nicely affects how they perform and how they think.
Some people feel they naturally do better when they’re in clothes they feel confident in.
“When you look good, you feel good, and you are more apt to perform at your best,” Julie Bortoli, counselor, said.
Dressing in clothes they feel good in helps some people achieve their simple goals in the day.
“When I dress nicely, I feel more confident and comfortable in my surroundings which makes me more productive,” Rhiannon Bode, sophomore, said.
Some teaches such as Karin Walker, honors and AP English teacher, requirement for some students to dress up for presentations in class.
“Others are influenced when we dress in certain ways. We project to them on how we connect to the moment; whether the occasion is formal, informal, relaxed, sports related, business, etc,” Walker said.
The teachers also are required to dress “professionally” on an everyday basis.
“Being role models, teachers should emulate successful adulting. Professional dress is important,” Bortoli said. However, staff is also allowed to wear jeans with spirit wear on Fridays. Walker said wearing school gear conveys pride and creates connection to the community.
Social Psychological and Personality Science did a study where they compared people’s behavior in formal clothing and casual clothing. When wearing formal clothing, people’s abstract thinking increased. Based on the result of the experiment, they believe dressing nicely gives people more power creatively and academically.
According to these results, if students would wear what they consider to be formal clothing, there is a possibility the way they think and perform in school may increase, since they will feel more confident in themselves.
“It puts me in a better mood and makes up partially for school starting so early. I think when I dress down I just focus on how much I want to go home and get more sleep,” Olivia Brady, junior, said.
Dressing formally may help people’s mood change throughout the day and helps build confidence.
“Over the past year or so, I’ve definitely changed my style a lot and I feel that it’s really helped me grow into being comfortable in my own skin,” Brady said.