College not necessary for all


Makayla Vasquez, Staff Writer

All-nighters and weeks full of nothing but notes and instant ramen all lead to being ten thousand dollars in debt and a degree one in five college graduates will never use according to CNBC news.

Around 74% of people go to college according to the bureau of labor and statistics. It may not however, be worth it to go. It’s overall well known that college is a great option for many people, it shouldn’t however be the only option.

Many people who go to college go because they feel it is the only option to have a successful, but successful entrepreneurs can earn an average of $68,000 a year according to Fox business. A wider accepted alternative is joining the military. There is a basic pay for people who join, and it can be very beneficial as the longer you stay.

Trade school is also an option for high schoolers that offers a more obtainable career choices then entrepreneurship. It is a faster option then a bachelor’s degree and could offer viable options.

College may be a statistically more reliable choice as only around 1 in every 40 college graduates are unemployed (forbs) and around 50% of entrepreneurs fail within the first four years (smallbitztrendsand). This is a more then likely a reason authority figures such as parents, teachers, and guidance counselors make it seem as if it is the only option. Some students however feel that it wouldn’t be beneficial to them and college be a reliable way it is not the only and sometimes not the best way for some people.

Around 40% of college graduates take positions straight out of college that don’t require a degree according to CNBC. Students have different aspirations, and many may not want to go to college and there are jobs that don’t require post high school education.

Ultimately, how one person wishes to continue in life should be up to the person to decide and put forth their own personal research before deciding to either absolutely go to college or not. It is important to keep in mind that college could be a very good option but no one should feel forced to spend the rest of their life doing something they wouldn’t want to do.