As trends come and go, students create own fashions


Courtesy of Mia Pustz

Mia Pustz, junior, models a trendy outfit she bought while thrift shopping.

Alana Daliege, Staff Writer

From ‘70’s denim to ‘90’s mom jeans, old trends are making their way to today’s fashion. Teens from all over are wearing scrunchies and overalls just like teens did in the 90’s. Anyone can pull up Instagram and see all the young adults with trends as if it was 1993.
“It humors me to see a bunch of trends from when I was in high school be in style now,” Carmen Beltran, Spanish teacher, said. “I am a 90’s kid, so seeing the overalls, scrunchies, mini backpacks, etc. comeback really makes me happy.”
Beltran says she sees trends come and go but each time they come back, they have been modified. An example being jean shorts and how every year they are a new length compared to the previous year. Students also appreciate the trends.
“I love [fashion] and the confidence it comes with,” Kierra O’ Connell, senior, said.
She says fashion trends went downhill in the early 2000’s but they’re coming back to a more retro look, which she is happy about.
Connie Billerman, algebra teacher, says she likes some of the makeup trends such as the various lip products and different options there are like lipstick and glosses because glosses weren’t worn as much as they are now. She likes older trends as well such as 70’s bell-bottoms and 80’s ‘big hair’.
There are teens prefer to go shopping at places that sell secondhand clothes, which some people consider to be cheaper.
They put together trendy outfits, or they find an article of clothing and style it in different ways such as cutting it, or tying it in some way, or even turn slim skirts into tight fitted tops.
“I don’t really spend a lot [on clothes]. I go thrifting at Goodwill a lot,” Mia Pustz, junior, said.
The most Pustz would spend on an article of clothing is $80. However, some students save money by creating and sewing their own outfits and piecing them together.
Damaris Fernandez, junior fashion student, makes some of her own clothing such as tube tops, pinafores, pajama pants, etc.
“I watch a lot of Youtube videos on how to make clothes, and that’s how I find my inspiration,” Fernandez said. She also likes looking at online stores for inspiration such as ‘lazy oaf’ or ‘dollskill,’ a blend of cozy clothes that are stylish without looking as though the model is trying too hard.
On the other hand, some students say they would rather be comfortable than fashionable.
“I don’t really have a feeling that goes towards fashion. It was never something I worried about and still don’t,” Kristina Ceballo, junior, said.
Ceballo receives a lot of hand-me-downs and doesn’t see the need to spend more than $15 on a piece of clothing.
Although some teens don’t care about their outfits, clothing is important and enjoyable to others.
“I love fashion! You can wear something simple but make it look nice and flashy with accessories. There are no rules to it!” Armina Ramazanoski, junior, said.