Bowling rolls out goals for season


Paige Gieske

Sophomore Mason Craig bowls during the tournament against Joliet West on Tuesday, Dec. 11. The team obtained 2 out of 10 points, winning only the last game.

Maddie Cox, Entertainment Editor

In preparation for sectionals and state, the bowling team has been training their new sophomore varsity players.
“We are a very young team this year with a lot of talent. On varsity, we have three sophomores who will be starting.” Michael Moderhack, coach, said.
Mason Craig, sophomore says going to state last year was one of their most memorable moments, as well as a motivating factor for the players to continue bowling.
“We didn’t win, but it was still a fun time hanging out with everyone,” Craig said.
This year, the team is hoping to make the changes that will improve on areas that were flawed in previous years.
“We lack experience in tournament play and are hopeful that all of the tournaments and meets we do this year will give them the experience they need in order to bowl well when regionals, sectionals, and state tournaments come around at the end of the year.” Moderhack said.
Technique is an important factor to progressing in bowling, as well as confidence in a player’s ability to perform well.
“We tend to let them use whatever technique is most comfortable to them and then help critique them once we know which one they want to stay with and which one works best for them,” Moderhack said.
Ben Smith, sophomore, says he started with his own way of bowling because everyone has their own way to bowl. However, players like Nathan Brander, senior, picked up his technique from other role-models he looked up to in the years he had been bowling.
“I bowl a two-handed style. I never learned how to bowl one-handed as a kid, I just watched my brother and then I did it, and I was good at it, so I just kept with it,” Brander said.
In addition to technique, Ryan Arens, senior, says staying focused emotionally during a game can impact a player’s abilities.
“For bowling you pretty much have to stay focused the whole time. If you get down you can’t stay down you just gotta forget about it and worry about your next shot because it’s a long day: one shot’s not going to ruin the whole game. You just gotta keep on bowling.” Arens said.
Moderhack says one of the most things difficult things about bowling that people might not know about isadjusting to lane changes throughout a tournament.
“At the beginning of a tournament it is easy to score high because the oil has not moved down the lanes. As the tournament goes on, that oil starts to transition down the lane so you will need to adjust your shot.” Moderhack said.
Come support the seniors for senior night at their next game. It will take place at Pioneer Lanes Dec. 18 at 4p.m. against Oswego East.