French week celebrates language, culture


Kaley Murray, Staff Writer

National French Week (NFW) from Nov 1-7 celebrates not only the French language, but the Francophonie culture as well.

“[French Week] gives us a chance to promote French, a language that is only second to English around the world,” Jennifer Rodeck, French teacher, said.

To celebrate the popular language, French Club will be doing various events that promote NFW.

“We are decorating the display case in the 1300 hallway on Nov 1; we hope to sell French baked goods at parent teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday,” Rodeck said.

Aside from just teaching the language, Rodeck also is sure to incorporate the culture into the lessons.

“I think that language proficiency is my primary goal and I use culture as a means of introducing and using the language skills,” Rodeck said. “I think the students are excited to learn more once they realize they can communicate in the language- and it’s fun to speak something other than English.”

Students engaged in French Club are responsible for NFW.

“I am an officer [in French Club], and it’s my second year doing it. I really like it because, although I don’t really join any other clubs, I feel like I can be more involved with things,” Melany Rodriguez, senior, said.

Other students involved in French enjoy various aspects of it.

“It’s important to learn the culture because you get more attached to the language and get to learn it better,” Jacklyn Wren, sophomore, said. Other students also enjoy certain aspects of French class.