Girls rugby prepares for spring season


Photo Courtesy of Naudia Robinson

Naudia Robinson, junior, sprints towards the goal. The Thundercats had a 4-2 winning record in their fall season.

Isabel Taylor, Staff Writer

The girls rugby team, The Plainfield Thundercats, has finished out their fall season with a 4-2 winning streak, and now look to their spring season with the goal of returning to state. The team has been to state six years in a row, winning four of those championships.
To prepare for the spring season in which they compete for state and nationals, the girls play games against other Illinois teams throughout the fall, working on team building and strategy.
“By playing against other teams in the fall we know what we’re going to compete against during competition season,” Allison Fau, junior, said.
Rugby, a contact sport traditionally played with no padding, has on average five to six injuries a game, according to Naudia Robinson, junior. Though the chances of getting hurt are very high, the girls continue to play despite risks.
“The sport is very aggressive and fun at the same time. The people on the team are very outgoing and honest,” Samantha Russell, junior, said.
Russell primarily focuses on rugby now after years of being on a swim team.
“I wanted more of a contact sport and I wanted to work with others as a team,” Russell said.
Robinson said she wasn’t allowed to play on the school football team. Because of that anger and passion, Robinson joined a team that has grown to become another family.
“I love my team. We all get along so well,” said Robinson. “We’re small but we work together. We want to succeed.”
Being a club sport, the team involves all the Plainfield high schools, with the girls coming from Central, East, and South this year.
“When you know everyone from school, you probably tend to just talk about things from your own school, you see each other every single day. We don’t see these people every single day and it’s so much more fun. There’s so much more to talk about,” Kimberly Murray, junior, said.
The girls not only practice three times a week but also socialize outside of training, which has attributed to their tight bond.
“They always say that in rugby the teammates are like family, and I needed that, so I joined, and I loved it. We’re all like sisters,” said Fau.
The team’s friendship does not go unnoticed.
“These girls really bring a level of respect for each other. Even when there are differences, they are really good about how they treat one another on and off the field,” Kassandra Lepe, coach, said.
Their last fall game was Oct 28, but the team will continue to train as they prepare for the competition season.