College admissions offices provide application tips

Hannah Darbro, Fielder Friday Editor

We asked local Colleges North Central and Lewis what truly went into looking at applications.

Can sending an application in before the deadline (either regular or early decision) increase the chances of an
applicant being admitted?

N.C.C: “There are scholarship opportunities made available to
students who are proactive and begin the application process early on.”

L.U: “Great questions! It depends on the college. We are rolling
admission, meaning we are constantly accepting and reviewing application. We recommend that students apply by December 1 simply to ensure students receive their financial aid package as soon as possible giving them more time to compare different
colleges to see which one would be the best fit for them.”

How much do test score (ACT or SAT) play a role in
admissions? Extra-curricular?

N.C.C: “Our admission staff reviews your high school transcripts, evaluating how you preformed each academic year, the difficulty of classes you are taking, and that you have a strong college prep curriculum. Students are more than welcome to submit personal statements, letters of recommendation, or a list of their
involvement activities if they feel it will strengthen their

L.U: “Official test scores are not the only factor we consider when making a decision. It is simply one aspect of many that helps us understand the student better. The same thing goes for
extracurricular activities.”

Does being “undecided” have a negative impact on your application?

N.C.C: “Being undecided does not influence your application. Most student enter undecided, allowing them the opportunity to
explore different academic areas and make the most informed
decision for their career path!”

L.U: “Not at all! It is perfectly ok to be Undecided. You will have plenty of time to decide on a major.”

Can Admissions Counselors see your social media activity?

N.C.C: “Admissions counselors typically do not look at students
social media activity. It is important to be mindful of what you are posting on social media because once something is posted, it is open to the public. Future employers may look into your social media to gauge your character and professionalism.”


Does completing the FAFSA early increase a student’s chance of receiving financial aid?

N.C.C: “Completing the FAFSA early does not necessarily ensure that a student will receive financial aid, that is dependent upon family financial information and financial nee. Completing the
FAFSA early allows the student and their family ample time to
discuss how to make [college] education affordable and

L.U: “At Lewis, submitting the FAFSA early does not increase your chance of receiving financial aid but it does ensure that you will be considered for all state and federal funding that may have deadlines. This is why we recommend all students who are
eligible to apply to FAFSA, to do it as soon as possible.”